We genuinely love retail

Before we founded VST, we worked for sales and category teams in a retail environment where change is a constant and challenges are complex.

But we saw that 85 percent of assortment changes don’t work and only 7 percent of SKUs are still there 3 years later.

We like to try new things

We are excited

We’re proud to have created powerful tech that makes accurate, fast and affordable research accessible for the first time.

Our focus is impact on the bottom-line and the real-world outcomes of the decisions you need to make today.

We knew that in-store trials are not the way - too many unpredictable elements (mainly human) to justify the time and the expense.

We also saw that research tech was heading towards 3D VR which, for us, is “flaky” (try to act natural, grandma). It provides a wow factor that clearly looks good in presentations, but lacks the quality of usefulness.

So what we craved was insight - genuine, usable, actionable data - which we can use to answer the perennial questions “what will shoppers do?” and “what should I do next?”

For us, and the industry, a better tool would be simple, fast, and usable, but most of all it needed to be accurate.

And we knew that to get closer to accurate predictions, there had to be a better way.

And so we (a software engineer and retail analyst) had an idea…and VST was born.

Our future

We believe our approach is the future of the research industry.

We’re building an AI solution for EPOS and customer data to bypass testing (not yet, on the way) and we’re working with data streams provided by some of the world’s biggest retailers to achieve just that.

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