Planogram Publisher

Our SaaS product enables brands to access a retailer’s planogram visuals and KPIs, and for retailers monetises valuable planogram data and aids in-store replenishment.

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Planogram Publisher allows better category management:

Better data

Reliable, mutually agreed, and taken from all stores (not just a local store)

Better shopper visuals

Understand the context that shoppers actually see and present this context back to buying teams. Great for pitching new innovation

Better tracking changes over time

Creating a historical log of planograms to better understand the impact on sales performance

Better performance auditing

Understand share of shelf, value of space, new product launch positioning, and tracking of competitors

Better field sales support

Understand best practices to support and launch in market

Access planogram data at the click of a button

Planogram Publisher allows brands to give retailers a strategic competitive advantage by making the most of category management teams.

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