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VST’s technology solutions are used by leading retailers and brands. We test innovation and validate new ideas, and we predict performance of what you need to do to win with shoppers at the grocery shelf.

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Smarter Shelf-Testing

Our flagship product helps retailers and brands test what works on-shelf, without the need for a physical shelf or store.

  • Get in front of thousands of real shoppers
  • Run tests in our virtual environment
  • Test assortment changes, category visions, and more
  • Get up to +20% uplift in sales
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Planogram Visualizer

Use Planogram Visualizer to build virtual shelves.

  • Use our self-serve software to build your own virtual shelves intuitively
  • Upload new products or change layouts quickly and easily with our drag and drop UI.
  • Share images around the business or directly with your retail customers
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Macro-Space Optimization

We created advanced machine learning models to develop space curves to identify the ideal amount of space in-store for any given department, category or SKU.

  • Recommendations at a store level
  • Optimized for seasonality, month-by-month, or time of day
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Planogram Publisher

Enables retailers to monetize their planogram data and collaborate more effectively with suppliers and stores.

  • Planogram data for suppliers and planogram visuals for stores
  • Better category management
  • Improve store implementation and replenishment
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Predictive Planograms

Using a history of planogram data, combined with sales and customer data to identify the ideal planogram layout for any given store, group of stores or total estate.

  • Fully automated
  • The future of category management in FMCG
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Smarter e-Commerce

The future of online grocery is personalised to the individual shopper. Our product creates the front-end for shoppers on e-commerce grocery.

  • No more unrealistic thumbnails
  • Shoppers see shelves personalised to them
  • Preferences are seen more prominently
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Other amazing retail technology ideas?

If you have other retail technology needs or visions of the future of retail, we want to hear from you.

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