Smarter Shelf-Testing

Our flagship product helps retailers and brands test what works on-shelf, without the need for a physical shelf or store.

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We make these tests:


Projects are turned around in days, rather than months


We build planogram visuals in minutes and conduct analysis to provide retailer-ready results


Our trials use thousands of real shoppers, validated against real in-store behaviour

Test your innovation on-shelf

Use our agile Smarter Shelf-Testing product to win with shoppers.

Category / shopper

Test the future of your category in front of shoppers.

Starting at £15k | Case Study

Aisle Flow

Test the optimal flow of categories for shoppers.

Starting at £18k | Case Study

Assortment Changes

Test your upcoming range changes before they go live.

Starting at £15k | Case Study

Macro Trends (e.g. Health)

Test increasing healthier or more sustainable options.

Starting at £10k | Case Study

Brand Shelf Position

Test the best on-shelf placement for your brand.

Starting at £12k | Case Study

Brand Share of Space

Test how much space your brand should have.

Starting at £12k | Case Study

Signage / POS

Test the impact of signage on shoppers in your category.

Starting at £12k | Case Study

Price Changes

Test the impact of price changes on shoppers.

Starting at £12k | Case Study

Early Stage Innovation

Test new products to find out if they’ll work on-shelf.

Starting at £8k | Case Study

Pack Testing

Test multiple packaging options in front of shoppers.

Starting at £8k | Case Study

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