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We’ve built a suite of retail solutions using technology, research methodologies, data science and machine learning that help brands and retailers win with shoppers.

How we help

Our flagship product, Smarter Shelf Testing, was released in 2017 and created the ability to test in-store, without the need for a store. With unparalleled speed, ease, and accuracy of real life predictions, our virtual environments have helped leading brands and retailers successfully launch in-store changes in every major grocery retailer. Since then, we’ve added more solutions to help our client partners.

  • Macro Space Optimization
  • Predictive Planograms
  • Planogram Publishing
  • Planogram Visualisation

Our products

Smarter Shelf Testing

Our flagship product helps retailers and brands test what works on-shelf, without the need for a physical shelf or store. Tests are run in our virtual environments in front of thousands of real shoppers. We use these environments to test everything from range / assortment changes, signage, NPD and packaging. Influencing the shelf can have a big impact on sales - up to a +20% sales uplift from our experience. We call these changes last-metre thinking.

Macro-Space Optimization

We created advanced machine learning models to develop space curves to identify the ideal amount of space in-store for any given department, category or SKU. Recommendations are made to a store level and can be optimized for seasonality, month-by-month, or even time of day.

Planogram Publishing

Enables retailers to monetize their planogram data and collaborate more effectively with suppliers and stores. VST's Planogram Publisher provides planogram data (visuals and KPIs) that suppliers access which enables better category management. We also provide better planogram visuals to stores to help improve and speed up implementation and replenishment.

Predictive Planograms

Using a history of planogram data, combined with sales and customer data to identify the ideal planogram layout for any given store, group of stores or total estate. Fully automated, “Predictive Planograms” is the future of category management in FMCG.

Great Planogram Visuals

We provide great looking planogram visuals to retailers and brands. Starting from in-store photos or outputs from planogram software, we create accurate, high-resolution images for use in presentations or to help implementation in stores.

We help the world's biggest brands and retailers launch great things.

"We were impressed with Store Trials' ability to rapidly and robustly turn around detailed, insight rich results."

-Head of Category Development, Reckitt Benckiser

"The results from VST more than justified the investment, delivering outstanding ROI, creating an excellent category argument and an uplift in sales."

- COO, Spoon Cereals

"Thanks to VST’s expertise and their access to a large panel of shoppers, I now have solid, fact based insight on which to base my actions – this will help us drive real value with our customers."

- Category Manager, Carlsberg

"VST enabled us to answer a long standing business question on one of our core ranges quickly & effectively at relatively low cost. It is a great alternative to time and cost intensive in-store trials."

- Lead Insights Manager, Birds Eye

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