Planogram Visualizer

Build high resolution virtual shelves and planogram visuals. This easy to use software allows you to create visuals that quickly and easily put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers.

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VST's Planogram Visualizer makes building virtual shelves:


Build using our full product database to drag and drop the products you need into place


We've built this so you can get started immediately. No complex training required.


Planogram visuals can be shared easily amongst teams or with retail customers directly.

Planogram Visualizer helps plan shelves  and communicate changes better

Create planogram visuals to:

  • Communicate layout changes with retail customers
  • Identify what your new product will look like on-shelf at the start of the innovation process
  • Share planogram visuals with field sales and in-store teams to improve planogram compliance
  • Try it out today.

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